Sunday, 9 October 2011

Recording myself - Thing 18

I've used Jing and quite like it for its simplicity. It's really easy to use and because it's compatible with Camtasia you can combine it with that for more sophisticated editing. We use Camtasia at work but I don't have it at home so Jing is handy for trying out things.  Because you can only record for a max 5mins it forces you to be short and snappy and avoids overlong videos. It's also handy for capturing screenshots.
Using a combination of Jing, Camtasia Relay and Camtasia Studio I've produced a couple of instructional videos for the library on how to search the catalogue and how to search for online journals. We've been working on a series of short 2 min "How to" videos  as well as some longer ones on things like searching databases. These will all be made available to students via our library website as an alternative to printed documents.
I've also recently used Camtasia Relay to record a lecture on literature searching for Health students which has been posted on their VLE for them to watch and refer to in place of the usual lecture. Screencasts are a good way of making info accessible to distance learners and are also helpful for dyslexic students who might not be able to take in all the information in one go.

 I haven't yet used Audacity but can see that it would be a really useful tool for creating podcasts. This is something that's been on my "to do" list for sometime but I've kept on a back burner for several reasons. Firstly that I haven't yet had a need to create podcasts, secondly because like everything else I don't have the time and quiet space in which to try it out, and most importantly because I hate the sound of my voice! It's bad enough hearing my voice on Camtasia screencasts but at least they have visuals to distract the listener. I'm not a fan of listening to podcasts myself as I prefer to receive information visually so I guess their effectiveness is influenced by what type of learner you are. I've always found audio tours of museums etc. quite useful as you can link what you hear to what you see, but I have to admit to losing concentration easily when solely listening to something unless it really grips me. I will try creating something however so that i acn at least tick it off my "to do" list if nothing else!

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